Adding Ten & Subtracting Ten Game for Primary

This fun interactive math game for adding and subtracting ten will keep your kids engaged and learning. Check out this post to learn more and see it in action.

Students will enjoy sharpening their mental math skills with this activity! Your students will benefit from repeated sessions with this fun activity. It's perfect for those spare 7-10 minute chunks of time that we find in our days.

Here is what is included:

-High-Interest Powerpoint File (with embedded viewer) that contains fun music and animations.
-Printable Common Core Standards to match the activity
-Student "I Can" objectives to match the activity
-Printable Open Ended Student Response Sheet
-Teacher Demo and Directions via Video File

Video Preview:

This file is EDITABLE! You have my permission to add slides or change content of the slides. You may not remove my credit tags or re-sell a derivative version of this work. Another great feature of this activity is that it is so easy to follow, it could easily be left for a substitute teacher with little or no extra prep!
To check it out, CLICK HERE!


Unknown said...

I seen a video with a powerpoint about composing and decomposing numbers and was wondering how I can purchase it. I do not see it on the teachers pay teachers site.

Cool School with Karen said...

Hi Dizzy,

I'll bet you are referring to this resource: